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The Weuthen Kartoffeltag is the annual event which takes place on the last Thursday of August in a German field close to the head office of organizer, Wilhelm Weuthen GmbH & Co. Everyone was delighted to meet again and talk face-to-face about potatoes and other interesting topics in the agricultural sector.  

Agrico has worked with various stakeholders to develop a vision document about the position of the Dutch potato sector and how we can jointly successfully transform the potato sector in less developed areas and emerging economies. Curious about the whole vision document? You can find it at Potato platform for transforming potato sectors — SeedNL

In recent years, the potato has become a valuable product for both the Pakistani farmer and the consumer. The potato is of high nutritional value and cultivation is particularly sustainable because the potato plant produces more food faster on less land, using less water, than any other important food crop.

Our Phytophthora-resistant Next Generation varieties Carolus and Alouette are cultivated in Bangladesh. These varieties provide a solid foundation for a sustainable and healthy crop.

Emmeloord, 25 March 2021 - as from today, Agrico will be sharing the innovation of its sustainable Next Generation varieties on its online platform

The aforementioned varieties achieve very good scores in all of these characteristics. The yields of these three varieties are significantly higher than people are accustomed to with other varieties.

Emmeloord, 4 November 2020 - today, Agrico will present its new varieties on its new online platform, This platform is also the next step in the digital transformation of the potato cooperative.

Preparation, Observation, Revision. Adding value to your production. AR TARIM’s value proposition is a dedicated framework to achieve their promise of a “seed solution company” and add value to their customer's business.