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The world of potatoes

Hello World...hello potato friends! Here you find the latest news of Agrico's world of potatoes. This year, we will not meet in person. We will not look at potatoes together, exchange knowledge and have fun during dinner. We miss you and we hope you are in good health and that you will stay healthy! Hopefully we can welcome you next year with a fantastic Variety Show. For now, we would like to share our latest insights with you on these pages and look forward together!

Curious about the latest varieties in our portfolio? Do you want to know how Agrico is addressing the digital challenges? Or are you interested in our vision of the market and the season from general manager Jan van Hoogen or commercial manager seed and ware potatoes Wieger van der Werff? You will find the answers on these pages. Watch the video and meet Jan van Hoogen.

Growers hard at work during the 2020 season

A dry spring, extensive soil preparation, good emergence, a super growing season, quality over quantity, storing dry - these key words characterise this year. Our growers are dealing increasingly better with the growing technical challenges of potato cultivation. That's something we're very proud of and you can count on an excellent product.
This video gives an impression of the harvesting activities of our Agrico growers.


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Agrico goes beyond just supplying high-quality seed and ware potatoes. We are involved with our customers and provide comprehensive advice in several areas. We have innovative varieties, make use of independent certification, have extensive quality assurance, actively respond to knowledge sharing, are committed to fast and reliable delivery, and have a worldwide network.

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Wieger van der Werff

Commercial Manager